Their faces appear to be a self
under heaven’s shadow
decompression sumps the treaclot
a tricketty protocollage
follows from contort to nosedrive
the notochord and selfabsorb
middens and pondmachines
omenwhile the clank of unsease
uncertains forwards lit interiorly
to move sludge inside the eye
we reheat admass to see how
a slurpy syringesong sounds
tonguelong and volumptuous
ringfingers the protochasm
in palearctic rivery selflists, lollopen
the silence otherwise rainbow
numbody clings remains
incertain insipidity reverts
growlem’s nobloody glob
the language contracts to pieces
freezing where mouth matches with
edge a felt stain in the word
who manifeasts the light from the angel
(query re. askability of this)
exacted from lake nameslake
their lances heavy with sense
before you are fully under the road
a stream inhabits its myth
altears the refluent imwaterial
scushes the noncombastic rootroute
gunworn disembhodisatva is
winebriate endemicrobe expects
duty lividity and riverderived
ubernature spend on yaw
self on greensleeved motioning
of serpentiny tangenitals
tongueslip the sunsure surfacet
yardarms, as plops frogponder the riverse
a hand is the gesture of a mountain
among the trees that dream the forest
as altered meat without taste
the tuber’s gubernatural rustule is
xenoglossed in the gobletter
protophotocopy of semicell
prehends the lonesong
of a smallarmed skinimal
spins away the wordsworm
in a shadow before you the effluence
where each atom’s palace is
contentlessly fighting the
battle of waterlog its protopoem
as bodyhood’s mudsumps
sluices a mistcarriage of brain that
shall deliquesce the seethen
moon calling in fear from
its pointed rooftop, sense the
electric star caught in the gut,
mouth that releases one at a time
monsters of groundwater
where faunatures move articulately,
like the wireless amputee whose
diphthongued æligature can explain
as the river silts her wrists
that oilswell that endswill
the godless eye rolls forth from
thunder almost to open the box, spring
is inside but can barely quench
his fists on you or in a peal of
instant, granulate by the door
come forwards the each that in
one of us inches together
is how the rain’s explanation ran
ache between days provokes light
sand streambeds its fissive massif
the leachheld etherfall fleshleashes
and thoughtstrains the seethings
of heron-priested memebrane
the prolongability of droplet-bodies
darkseeking the siftware
in confuted fleshclick to semicolonize
timehole’s gentleworm chaos
in flatland’s anywave infusoria
as muscly corpuscle lengthins
discipline the lichor pliplops
headspan the sapper earthhorn
waravering particles forward
that unclambers inflectuously the arcades,
thickens the semiskinned seetheme.

Giles Goodland


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