The Birds of Albion


Up on windsy cliffsheers, Harpy Termagents peal
At flocks of Brayling Whippersnaps veering in low wheels

Portle Cuckolds flap grey tufts to stay their flitting eggs
While reams of Winky Scrutators scan for frisson dregs

Up in glimmer the Peccadillo girdles a lifelong mate
And Ruddy-Faced Popinjays are giddy with fresh bait

As Cock-Squabbles and Hen-Quibbles witter without cease
Blue-Footed Dimwits snivel through a carrion feast

White-Capped Pettifoggers peck with scumgrins of flesh
Where Lesser Black Finagles are caught in Scrivener mesh

And there hang Mock Quislings on treacly threaded air
Over flags of Harty Martinets drivelling without care

Masques of Pin-Stripe Hoodwinks, dimly treading naves
Careful watch Gold Sterlings deep in fiscally graves

The Main Brace turfs out Guttersnipes to sleen their drabs away
And so the Shabby Wangle drones, slupping day to day

Yet save a blary eye for the Youngling Nincompoops
As Wurdy Lampoons rythe and mud-sling garbog in a scoop

Their stumble flights are clogged – catastrophly broken
Chasing ever hardlong winds to snatch at shiny tokens

For Dark Coaxers hover badderly in slinky slippy light
And soon the Black-Billed Sexton scythes in on lasting night

John Hawkhead

John Hawkhead is a poet and illustrator whose work can be found all over the Internet. He lives in Bradford on Avon in the UK.


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