Sanctuary Eyes


Sanctuary eyes you got me good,
You always said you could and would,
I’ve heard myself and that’s enough,
So strike me down and cast the curse,
Of sleepless mind, a fate much worse,
Left to wonder what it was you found,
A thought that keeps me up till dawn,
Eyes fixed down upon the ground.

Walking past these streets and roads,
Will I ever get the chance,
To be the man I wish to be,
And break free from this trance?
I’ve searched these woods a thousand times yet all I find is me,
It never ends, it never stops but still you mustn’t leave.

Sanctuary eyes you got me good,
After a while I thought you should,
Time caught me out and now I’m old,
That’s how it goes or so I’m told,
I hide so much, filled up with madness,
They knock on doors that I can’t open,
And knock again, always harder,
You could of let me out to answer.

The master’s face is always hidden,
Blind men will always guess,
Yet it wasn’t all that long ago,
You proclaimed my life a mess,
You locked me up and kept the key,
Made it difficult for me to breathe.

Sanctuary eyes you got me good,
To tell the truth I knew you would.

Gretle Feeson

Gretle Feeson, 29, is from Glasgow, Scotland. A new fan to poetry. Unemployed at the moment and searching for new ways to occupy my time.


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