What is Love?


What is love?
Is it that feeling in your
Or is it that lust below your
Is it that firefly that goes up the
Or is it that tug you get, when you
see a damsel so chaste..?
What is love..?
Is it that burning desire to
Or is it that pain you get when
you face denial..?
Is it that urge to uncover their
Or that surge you feel, to hug him
What is love..?
Is it likeness to the core..?
Or getting filled but still wanting
Is it that tendency to wish for
Or is it the sweetness of their
What is love..?
Is it meant to sweeten or hurt…?
Is it supposed to be a mansion or
a hut..?
Is it supposed to make you
bleed, when her actions cut..?
Is it a mass of grass that grows
with just a dot..?
What is love..?
Is it an attitude..?
You distinguish in her, from a
Is it a beautiful latitude..?
Is it scornful, is it rude..?
What is love..?

Ikechukwu Joseph

Ikechukwu Joseph is from Nigeria and blogs at Poetrimania.blogspot.com. His email is josediccus@gmail.com.


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