Where the Wild Welo Waits


Under a sail jinx, by Long Sandy Nest,
where benthos hurdles strand at rest,
the Welo oozes flotsam song;
cockled, gurgled, burbled along.

It floods a bilge view; main faraway,
viscous murmuring of shudder days;
fluxed on mildew bludgeon rings,
mizzen pots, straw-spat wings.

Now jeopardy, now skiff baleen,
teeming sanguinous, rheumy unseen,
in mull-malty troughs, brackish lights,
the Welo eye-starts… mines hollow nights.

John Hawkhead

John Hawkhead is a poet and illustrator whose work can be found all over the Internet. He lives in Bradford on Avon in the UK.


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